How to play real racing 3 on windows PC

Real racing 3 is known everywhere as the best racing game developed for android. It gives you a proper sense of experience in racing with amazing graphics. This tends to make it addicting to many.
On it, you mostly have plenty of cool choices, which includes, driving cars and participating in lots of great events. There is a nice multiplayer mode that enables you to compete with other players from various locations or with friends.
The game was first made for Google OS devices. But here, you will know how to install and play it on your windows PC or Mac.
I will show you the best way to install it on your choice of desktop computer. Meanwhile, you should know that I’m referring to XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 operating systems.

real racing 3 gameplay on windows pc

To begin, kindly follow these fantastic instructions.

  • Before you think of getting started, you need an android emulator. It must be installed on your device. I recommend BlueStacks, since it is simple and doesn’t require lots of guides.
  • Now, search for Real Racing 3 APK. Get it and move to an easy to access folder.
  • Double click on it and wait.
  • Once you have actually carried out that task, BlueStacks will start to install it on your device.
    You will be notified once the installation completes.
  • Open the emulator, go to “All Apps”, and then click on it.
  • Look for the game icon. Click it. Wait for the game data to download.
  • It should take over 15 minutes or less depending on your internet speed.
  • Install the obb data and run the game.
  • Begin having fun as you play. You have to use your Keyboard Space Bar and Arrow Keys to control cars and stuffs in the game.

You can see there is nothing difficult in carrying this out. The only issue lies within the controls, which shouldn’t be a problem when you master it.
I am thinking of a way to make this work smoothly with PC game pads. That way, it might be very cool.
Least I forget, you can use this same method to play other android games. Just make sure you follow it without skipping anyone.

If you have other ways on playing real racing 3 on pc, you can let me know on the comment section. Just summarize it in few sentences. I will check it and to see if it is better.

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